Fitzwilliam, Pontefract.
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Fitzwilliam is a small village, in Pontefract, West Yorkshire; it was built as a pit village to provide housing for miners at Fitzwilliam Main, named after the colliery's proprietor; it later changed its name to Hemsworth Colliery before it closed down in 1969; then Kinsley Drift Mine was opened on the site in 1977, but unfortunately it also closed down in 1986, causing mass unemploment in the area; due to this many people left the village earning it the label of a ghost town.

Geoffrey Boycott, came from Fitzwilliam and the band Chumbawumba recorded a song named Fitzwilliam, which described its painful decline following the 1984-85 miners' strike; it also plays a large role in the crime novel Nineteen Seventy Four, in which it is introduced in a list of "hard towns for hard men" and then later referred to as "a dirty brown mining town" and "where the night comes early and nowt feels right, where the kids kill cats and the men kill kids".


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