Swillington, Leeds .
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Swillington is a small former mining village and civil parish in Leeds, West Yorkshire; it is located east of the River Aire and surrounded by streams including Fleakingley Beck; the local mine was the Primrose Hill pit, but only memories now remain through the older residents and an housing estate which was built on the pit site with streets names such as Primrose Hill Drive and Primrose Hill Green etc.

Leventhorpe Vineyard, established in 1986 by George Bowden, is located nearby the village and has been recommended by Rick Stein; it was until recently the most northerly commercial vineyard in Britain; however, there is now one further north, near Malton.

Another well recommended local business is Swillington Organic Farm, a fully Soil Association certified farm on the former Lowther estate which has been frequented by celebrity chefs and has produce that was voted the 'Best Meat In Yorkshire' in 2007.

The name Swillington is derived from Old English swin 'pig' + leah 'wood' + tun 'farm'; the name was recorded as Svilentone in 1147; historically Swillington's full title was Swillington-in-Elmet, which refers to the village being part of the former Celtic kingdom of Elmet; however as with many other places the '-in-Elmet' has been lost in modern times with only a few exceptions such as Barwick-in-Elmet and Sherburn-in-Elmet surviving; nowadays Elmet only exists as a political constituency; many local people, mainly of the younger generations have taken to abbreviating Swillington to Swilly.

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