Pudsey, Leeds .
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Pudsey is a market town in Leeds, West Yorkshire; the town is mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book as "Podechesaie" and "Podechesai", but in the early 6th century Pudsey and the neighbourhood appear to have been the centre of the considerable Kingdom of Elmet, which retained its independence for more than 200 years after other more petty kingdoms had been subdued by the Angles.

Pudsey constitutes the areas of Fartown, Troydale, Littlemoor, Lowtown, Uppermoor and Chapeltown; there is also the village of Fulneck, the district of Stanningley and part of the district of Tyersal; the town has also given its name to "Pudsey Bear", the mascot of the BBC's annual fundraising marathon Children in Need; it also lends its name to the local parliamentary constituency of Pudsey, of which it is a part.

During the Industrial Revolution Pudsey was one of the most polluted areas of the UK due to its position in a slight valley between the two industrial cities of Leeds and Bradford; as a result whichever way the wind blew Pudsey became covered in thick soot; the temperature inversion created by the valley led to the soot becoming trapped leading to dense smogs; this is believed to have led to jokes that Pigeons in Pudsey park flew backwards in order to keep the soot out of their eyes.

The town was famous in the 18th and 19th centuries for its wool manufacture and from the 19th century for cricket; Yorkshire cricketers Herbert Sutcliffe, Ray Illingworth and Matthew Hoggard all learned to play in Pudsey; John Tunnicliffe was born in Lowtown and the Yorkshire and England cricket captain Sir Len Hutton was born in nearby Fulneck and was called "the man from Pudsey".

Pudsey is mentioned in 'The Meaning of Life', where it is defined as "The curious-shaped flat wads of dough left on a kitchen table after someone has been cutting scones out of it and it was the location for the beginning of the Monty Python episode "You're No Fun Anymore", the two characters, Mr and Mrs Samuel Brainsample can be seen walking along the platform of New Pudsey Station; and Pudsey is also mentioned frequently in the Michael Palin TV series Ripping Yarns.

Famous People: Sir Len Hutton.

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