Skellow, Doncaster.
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Skellow is a former mining village within the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, South Yorkshire; the village lies on the north side of the east-west Ea Beck valley; the village derives its name from the River Skell which flows from the nearby village of Skelbrooke, through the locally named 'Five Lanes End' area of Skellow where it joins the Ea Beck stream, a tributary of the River Don, of which it joins near the former Thorpe Marsh Power Station at Barnby Dun.

On the east bank of the Skell lies old Skellow, a cluster of older houses facing Skellow Hall, which was originally built in 1642 and is now in use as a residential care home for the elderly.

During the English Civil War, Cromwell placed a cannon battery at the village to protect the Great North Road; the mounds of which are still there, also the surrounding area of cottages and the 15th century inn, now known as 'The Bridge House', still remain as well.

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