Hickleton, Barnsley.
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Hickleton is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, in South Yorkshire and was the 'estate village' of Hickleton Hall; it was a small medieval farming village with historical records dating back to Saxon and Roman times; the area is now commonly referred to as the Dearne Valley; a lot of the villagers were employed by the Coal Mining industry until the pit closures in the 80s and 90s.

Hickleton's parish church, St. Wilfrid's is mainly of mediaeval construction with Norman architecture features and was restored in Victorian times by George Frederick Bodley; there has been a church at Hickleton since Norman times as indicated by the chancel arch and font, but the building you see today is essentially Perpendicular in style consisting of a typical South Yorkshire Magnesian limestone west tower; it is a large building when compared with the size of the parish, possibly reflecting the creation of wealth, from wool, under the influence of the Priory of Monk Bretton over three centuries, from the thirteenth to the sixteenth, until the Priory was dissolved and the Crown disposed of its land and wealth.

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