Grimethorpe, Barnsley.
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Grimethorpe is a large pit village, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire; the name may have originated from "Grim's Torp", a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Viking names, meaning a torp or hamlet owned by a Viking named Grimey.

The 1981 census recorded that 44% of Grimethorpe's workers were miners, which is not surprising when it is noted that there were two pits in the village; the first Grimethorpe colliery, which was one of the deepest pits in Britain, merged with 'Houghton Main' and then 'Dearne Valley', employing 6,000 men at the time of its closure in May 1993; the second known as 'Ferrymoor' merged with 'Riddings' in 1967 and then with 'South Kirkby' in 1985, before its closure in 1988.

Grimethorpe gained a reputation as the most long-term deprived community in Great Britain and many of the houses from its coal-mining days have been demolished; in 1994, the European Union's study of deprivation named Grimethorpe as the poorest village in the country and amongst the poorest in Europe.

Several regeneration projects have caused Grimethorpe's fortunes to improve in recent years and the village is starting to regain its self-respect; this change has been hastened by the construction of the Dearne Valley Link roads and with the development of the large Park Springs Industrial Estate, which has brought many jobs to the area.

Grimethorpe has its own brass band, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, which is probably the world's most famous colliery band with an international reputation for excellence on both the concert and contest stage; they have featured on film, TV and radio.

The actor Fred Fletcher comes from Grimethorpe, he played 'Jud' in the iconic film Kes set in Barnsley.


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