Goldthorpe, Barnsley.
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Goldthorpe is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, in South Yorkshire; it was a small medieval farming village and is recorded in the Domesday Book; the area is now commonly referred to as the Dearne Valley and although Goldthorpe's origins go back over a 1000 years, the Village you see today, both in terms of the structures and the people, is here due to the Coal Mining industry.

There were several Collieries in the Dearne Valley, but the villagers had their closest links with Hickleton Main (1892 - 1988), Barnburgh Main (1912 - 1989) and Goldthorpe/Highgate (1910 - 1994) Collieries; however, since the closure of the mines in the 80s and 90s, it has become a depressed area, only partially improved by the construction of numerous call centres nearby.

The slag heap that ran the length of the west side of the village, where the Hickleton Main pit tips were, has been landscaped and converted into park land known as ‘Phoenix Park’, which contains a climbing wall, picnic areas and many pieces of art which were developed by and in conjunction with the local community.

The actor Brian Blessed once lived on Probert Avenue in Goldthorpe.

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