Eggborough, Selby .
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Eggborough is a village and civil parish in the Selby district of North Yorkshire; however, although the village is actually situated within the boundaries of North Yorkshire, the postal address for Eggborough is 'Eggborough, Near Goole, the East Riding of Yorkshire'; it has a DN, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, postcode and the STD telephone code is 01977, Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

The village is the site of a coal-fired Eggborough Power Station, built in the 1960s and now owned by British Energy; its 4 turbines can produce a total combined output of 1960 megawatts, enough electricity to power 2 million homes, equivalent to the area of Leeds and Sheffield

There is also an ill-fated small woodburning power station in Eggborough, known as the Arbre Power Station, built by Yorkshire Water, but funded by the taxpayer, in the late 1990s, which has never worked and now stands idle and rusting.

Close to Eggborough is the site of French-owned Saint Gobain Glass, Europe's leading producer of Float (Flat) Glass.


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