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Born in Yorkshire.
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This is a list of Famous People that were Born in Yorkshire:

This list may be extensive, but it is by no means exhaustive; other famous names will be added as time goes on.

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Famous People born in East Yorkshire:
Adrian Haworth, Alfred Matthews, Amy Johnson, Andrew Marvell, Brian Rix, Edward Milne, Henry Kettlewell, Ian Carmichael, J Arthur Rank ,Jean Rook, Kay Kendall, Kenny Baker, Maureen Lipman, Naomi Mitchison, Richard Herring, Sir Tom Courtenay, Stevie Smith, William Kent, William Wilberforce, Winifred Holtby,

Famous People born in North Yorkshire:
Ben Kingsley, Charles Laughton, Clements Markham, Dame Edith Sitwell , Edward Hulton, Elaine McDonald, Frankie Howerd, Frederic Leighton , Frederick Bower, George Baltimore, George Cayley, Guy Fawkes, Henry I, Henry Maudsley, Henry Sidgwick, Herbert Sutcliffe, Jane Glover, Jimi Mistry, Joanne Jackson, John Barry, John Hick, John Jackson, John Laird Mair Lawrence, James Cook, John Lambert, John Snow, John Wycliffe, Jonathan Hutchinson, Joseph Rowntree, Judi Dench, Martin Rees, Mother Shipton, Richard Spruce, Seebohm Rowntree, Sir Herbert Read, Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, Smithson Tennant, Steve McLaren, Storm Jameson, Susan Hill, Thomas Lord, Thomas Rymer, Vince Cable , W H Auden, William Bateson, William Rosse, William Scoresby, William Stubbs, William Vernon Harcourt, William Williamson,

Famous People born in South Yorkshire:
Alastair Burnet, Alison Smithson, Antonia Byatt, Arthur Scargill , Barry Hines, Brian Blessed, Bruce Chatwin, Darren Gough, David Blunkett, Derek Simpson, Diana Rigg, Dickie Bird, Fred Trueman, George Porter, Gordon Banks, Harold Hobson, Harry Godwin, Helen Sharman, Henry Sorby, Jeremy Clarkson, Jessica Ennis, John Arden , John Hoyland, John Krebs, John McLaughlin, John Roebuck, Joseph Locke, Juda Quastel, Kenneth Martin, Kevin Keegan, Leonard Smithers , Lesley Garrett, Malcolm Bradbury, Margaret Drabble, Michael Palin , Michael Parkinson, Naseem Hamed, Oona King, Peter Stringfellow , Robert Hadfield, Roger Taylor, Sean Bean, Sir Frederick Russell , Sir Michael Sadler, William Bennett, William Hague,

Famous People born in West Yorkshire:
Adrian Edmondson, Alan Bennett, Alan Titchmarsh, Alastair Campbell, Andrew Rawnsley, Angela Griffin , Anne Bronte, Anne Loughlin, Arthur Greenwood, Arthur Ransome, Barbara Hepworth, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Barry Cryer, Betty Boothroyd, Brian Turner, Bryan Procter, Charles Yonge , Charlotte Bronte, Chris Moyles, Christopher Saxton, Cyril Knowles , David Bintley, David Hockney, David Mercer, David Storey, Donald Neilson, Edward Appleton, Ellery Hanley, Emily Bronte, Eric Pickles , Ernie Wise, F L Lucas, Frederick Delius, Gabby Logan, Geoffrey Boycott, George Gissing, Gordon Bottomley, Graham Sutherland, Harold Wilson, Helen Fielding, Henry Moore, Henry Savile, Henry Seebohm , Herbert Henry Asquith, Ian McGeechan, J B Priestley, James Hanson , James Mason, Jeremy Paxman, Jim Laker, John Braine, John Godber , John Hawkshaw, John Kettley, John Radcliffe, John Smeaton, John Walker, Joseph Priestley, Keith Waterhouse, Kenneth Armitage, Kenneth Leighton, Kit Scruton, Lawrence Wager, Leonard Hutton, Marco Pierre White, Martin Frobisher, Martin Lowry, Mel B, Michael Halliday, Mollie Sugden, Patrick Heron, Patrick Stewart, Pauline Neville-Jones, Percy Scholes, Peter Sutcliffe , Phil May, Ray Illingworth, Richard Bentley, Richard Oastler, Richard Salisbury, Richard Stoker, Roger Hargreaves, Samuel Cunliffe Lister , Sheila Rowbotham, Simon Marks, Sir Fred Hoyle, Sir Jimmy Savile , Sir Matthew Smith, Sir Owen Richardson, Sue Ryder, Ted Hughes, Thomas Chippendale, Thomas Fairfax, Timothy West, Tom Kilburn, Tony Harrison, Vero Wynne-Edwards, Vic Reeves, Wilfred Rhodes, William Congreve, William Rothenstein, Willis Hall,

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