Adrian Charles Edmondson:
Born On The: 24th January 1957.
Died On The: N/A.
Birthplace: Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Occupation(s): Actor, writer, musician, television presenter and director.

Zodiac: Born under the Star Sign AquariusAquariusWhat Star Sign are You?

Achievement(s): The Young Ones & Bottom.


He came to prominence in the early 1980s and was part of the alternative comedy boom; he is probably best known for his comedy roles in the television series The Young Ones (19821984) and Bottom (19912003), for which he also wrote together with his long-time collaborative partner Rik Mayall; Edmondson also appeared in the ''Comic Strip Presents...'...' series of films throughout the 1980s and 90s; for one episode of this he created the spoof heavy metal band Bad News and for another he played his nihilistic alter-ego Eddie Monsoon, an offensive South African television star.

He played the lead role in the 1985 spin-off feature film, The Supergrass; in the 2000s Edmondson appeared in numerous TV programmes in more serious drama roles including Jonathan Creek, Holby City, Miss Austen Regrets, as himself on Hell's Kitchen and created the sitcom Teenage Kicks; but since 2006 Edmondson has concentrated increasingly on music instead of acting, forming the band 'The Bad Shepherds' and performing and writing for the 'Bonzo Dog Doo Dah' Band and in 2011 he presented two shows for ITV,The Dales focussing on people working in the Yorkshire Dales and Ade in Britain in which Edmondson undertook a tour of numerous places in Britain.

Edmondson first got into drama because of Michael Aubrey, his english teacher at Pocklington Grammar school, who encouraged him to pursue drama, casting him in a number of school plays and allowing him to take time out of other lessons to practice drama; he enjoyed it that much that he went on to the University of Manchester to study drama, where he met his future comedy partner Rik Mayall, who became one of his best friends; Edmondson graduated with a 2:1 degree and then found work in the alternative comedy scene.

Under the name '20th Century Coyote', Edmondson and Mayall became one of the star attractions at The Comedy Store; as their popularity grew, Edmondson, Mayall and other upcoming comedians including Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson, Alexei Sayle and French and Saunders split away from the Comedy Store to set up their own venue: The Comic Strip club; the club soon gained a reputation as one of the most popular comedy clubs in London and soon came to the attention of Channel 4.

Edmondson and the others were commissioned to act in six self-contained half-hour films, using the group as comedy actors rather than stand-up performers; the series entitled 'The 'Comic Strip Presents...'' debuted on 2 November 1982, which was also the opening night of Channel 4; the first episode to be broadcast was "Five Go Mad in Dorset", a parody of Enid Blyton's Famous Five, which drew anger from some viewers for the way it mercilessly satirised a children's classic; Edmondson starred as one of the five.

At the same time as The 'Comic Strip Presents...' was being negotiated, the BBC signed up Edmondson, Mayall, Richardson, Planer and Sayle to star in The Young Ones, a sitcom in the same anarchic style as The Comic Strip; Richardson later decided not to proceed and was replaced by Christopher Ryan; the show revolved around a shared house where four students lived during their study at Scumbag College; it was noted at the time of its first airing for its violent slapstick, with Edmondson's character Vyvyan as the main instigator and this is a trait which has stayed with him throughout his career; the series captured public imagination and remains one of Britain's most popular sitcoms.

Following the success of the 'Comic Strip Presents...'... and, to a greater extent, 'The Young Ones', Edmondson and Mayall returned to their "Coyote" dynamic in the double act "The Dangerous Brothers" with Edmondson as "Sir Adrian Dangerous" in Saturday Live (19851987); in 1983, he appeared as the lead singer Vim Fuego in the spoof heavy metal band called the Bad News, with his Young Ones co-stars Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Peter Richardson of ''Comic Strip Presents...'

On 11 May 1985, Edmondson married his Comic Strip fellow Jennifer Saunders, with whom he has three daughters: Eleanor, Beatrice and Freya; Edmondson's university nickname of "Eddie Monsoon," a play on his surname, inspired the name of Saunders' character, Edina Monsoon on Absolutely Fabulous and his own characters Eddie Catflap (Filthy Rich & Catflap) and Eddie Hitler (Bottom), they jointly set up their own production company called Mr and Mrs Monsoon Limited; also in 1985 Edmondson starred with Saunders in Happy Families, a rural comedy drama written by Ben Elton which appeared on the BBC and told the story of the dysfunctional Fuddle family.

In 1991, Edmondson teamed up again with his comedy partner Rik Mayall, this time co-writing and co-starring in their own sitcom, Bottom; Edmondson starred as "Edward Elizabeth Hitler" opposite Mayall's "Richard Richard."; the series featured the slapstick and crude humour for which the pair had become famous; the sitcom was very popular, but it was criticised for its often vulgar humour.

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