Add a Famous Person and a Photo To The Site.

Famous Person Instructions - Provide the following details:

The name of the Person - The Person must born in, or be from Yorkshire - after all, this is a site about Yorkshire.

Dates - When was the person born, and if now dead, when did the person die?

The Place- Where is the person from; which place in Yorkshire?

Achievement(s)? - What is the person famed for, or known for; list all achievements.

A Biography? - The Description of the famous person; the Description may be changed.

Photo Instructions - Provide the following:

One photo - The photo must be of the famous person.

The place where the photo was taken - If exact location is not known, state the area, or state not known.

A date when the photo was taken - If you do not have a date, just roughly when you think it was taken.

When you have the Details and Photo ready:

Provide your Name and Location - This is only required if you would like me to reference the details and photo.

Send them all to Halina King

NB. Warning - Large photos can stop e-mails from working, due to the size.

If e-mail size is going to be a problem for you, you can use a free online photo storage site like Flickr.

It takes less than a minute to create a free account, which then enables you to share photos!

I will notify you when I have uploaded the details and photo to the site.- I will also send you a link.

Thank-you in advance!

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