WWII Aircraft Carrier Planes:
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WWII Aircraft Carrier Planes:

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th December 1941, 3 operational carriers were stationed in the Pacific, the Enterprise, the Lexington and the Saratoga; the Langley was also in the Pacific but in October 1936 it had been converted from an operational carrier to a seaplane tender; the other 4 carriers were located in the Atlantic.

The Yorktown and the Hornet were transferred to the Pacific in December 1941 and March 1942; the Wasp entered the Pacific in June 1942; in December 1942, the Essex class carriers started to enter service and by late 1943 the U.S. had enough carrier forces to perform operations throughout the Pacific; the Ranger was dispatched to the Pacific after an overhaul in July 1944.

The planes seen in the photos all belonged to the US Navy and were used mainly off the Fleet Carriers and small Aircaft Carriers previously mentioned; the carriers performed three types of operations; carrier raids; carrier versus carrier battles and amphibious landing support.

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