Obesity By Unhealthy Eating:

Obesity a Growing Problem:

Obesity was only a minority medical condition around 50 years ago, but the prevalence of Obesity is now such that it is regarded as a major public health issue and listed as a priority by senior government ministers in the UK; due to Obesity being linked to a number of illnesses and a reduced lifespan the government is keen to reduce the prevalence of Obesity amongst the population; being overweight or Obese used to be seen as a personal medical complaint, largely blamed on genetics or constitution, but the rising prevalence of Obesity has forced health professionals and politicians to consider the lifestyle factors contributing to the expanding waistlines and it is now generally accepted that an imbalance between energy consumed in the form of calories and energy used causes weight gain or loss, which means that sedentary lifestyles combined with the easy availability of calorie rich foods presupposes a population heading towards Obesity.

The Availabilty of Junk Foods and Weight Gain Foods (JF & WGF):

The prevalence of fast food chains and cheap, nutritionally poor food has led many to blame diet for rising Obesity and many health campaigns now focus on the importance of low fat or low calorie food choices, which is a common sense approach and the government has now unapologetically defined Obesity as a symptom of ill health which should be eradicated.

Junk Foods and Weight Gain Foods (JF & WGF):

JF & WGF are high in fat and sugar and cause a sudden sugar rush when consumed, releasing feel good hormones into our bodies and making us feel energetic; unfortunately, this effect quickly wears off and we end up in a low sugar state, craving more JF & WGF in order to return to that high sugar state, which made us feel good and energetic; this is due to the 'Empty Calorie' effect, where it only seems to fills us up for a short period of time and then we feel hungry again and our bodies crave more food in order to seek out the supposed vital nutrients, which makes it very easy to become addicted to eating JF & WGF, which leads us into a vicious circle of eating more JF & WGF.

Some of the typical effects of eating JF & WGF are Malnutrition; Fast Weight Gain; Cardiovascular Problems, such as Arterial Plaque; Tiredness and Lack of Concentration; Depression and Mood Swings; Skin Problems; Tooth Decay; an Increased risk of developing Diabetes, Heart Disease and Liver Disease.

Why are Junk Foods and Weight Gain Foods (JF & WGF) so Bad for us?

The terms 'Junk Food' and 'Weight Gain Foods' refer to any food, or drink, that is high in calories and saturated fat, salt or sugar with little nutritional value, which may also be loaded with unhealthy food additives such as MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), which is partly why JF & WGF cause Obesity; unfortunately, this type of food is usually convenient, cheap, tasty, and extremely addictive; JF & WGF examples include Beefburgers; Biscuits; Buns; Cakes; Chips; Chocolate with little cocoa content; Cookies; Hamburgers; Hot dogs; Ice cream; Pop; Potato Crisps, Spare Ribs with an unhealthy Sauce and Sweets; just to mention a few.

Junk Foods and Weight Gain Foods (JF & WGF) are Causes of Overweight and Obesity:

Eating JF & WGF often stems from childhood habits; therefore, the addiction to JF & WGF can begin at a young age and children who become addicted to JF & WGF stop eating, or at least eat less of, the nutritious food that they need to grow up healthy and it has been proven that those that live on lots of fats and sugars have Shorter Attention Spans, Growth Problems and suffer from Tooth Decay and Weak Bone Structure early in life; if the habits are not changed at that point, it is difficult to do so later in life.

When these addicted children become adults, with their slower metabolism, they are less able to cope with eating JF & WGF and are prone to suffer from all kinds of terminal ailments; in fact, almost twice as many people die each year of Heart Disease caused by diet-related Obesity and Cardiovascular Problems, than of Cancer.

NB. It has been proven that Drinking Alcohol leads to the munchies; we all know that a bout of drinking can make you feel hungrier than normal, which means that you could end up eating more than usual, and in a lot of cases this means eating JF & WGF; common sense tends to go out of the window, when you've had plenty to drink; studies have shown that in the short term, alcohol stimulates your food intake and increases feelings of hunger and having your judgment impaired with alcohol and stimulating your appetite is a known recipe for failure if you are trying to follow a weight loss plan.

What to do if you are already Overweight or Obese?

The best thing you can do for yourself, no matter what your health or size, is to stop eating JF & WGF completely; this may be hard, but it will help you to break the sudden sugar rush that you feel when JF & WGF are consumed; JF & WGF may release the feel good hormones into your body and make you feel energetic, but it is a false pleasure, seeing as eating JF & WGF also leads to all of the other health related problems that have been previously mentioned.

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