Sell An Item:

Instructions - Provide the following:

A Title of the item - Select a concise title that will sum up the item.

A photo of the item- The photo will not be displayed any larger than (500 X 500) pixels.

A description of the item - The description will be centred and displayed word-for-word as you provide it.

A sale price of the item - With or without ONO (Or Nearest Offer)

Yor contact details for the buyer - This is only an advert, we do not act as a go-between.

NB. All text will be centred and displayed word-for-word as you provide it.

Your item's Title and Description are your advert; it is your opportunity to both inform and appeal to the buyers.

How to write an effective title:
Use descriptive keywords that clearly convey what you are selling.

Writing a thorough description may increase your chances of selling your item; therfore state:
Exactly what your item is.
What material it is made of?
When it was made?
What company/artist/brand name/designer/author made it?
What condition it is in?
Wether the item is new, used, or still under warranty? Be sure to mention any flaws or repairs.
What its dimensions/size/etc are?
What country/location it is from?
Wether it has any notable features or markings?
Wether it has a special background or history?

Consider including:
What you especially like about the item.
Who you think it would appeal to and why.
An interesting story about the item, for example, how you acquired it.
How the item might be used.

Payment and P&P:
Be clear about the payment methods you will accept.
Also, be as clear as you can about your P&P costs.

When you are finished, read through and spell check your Title and Description for any inaccuracies.
NB. Do not include anything in your description that is not true, or keywords that are unrelated to your item to try to lure buyers searching for these words. (For example, do not say, "If you like Hugo Boss, you'll like this perfume.") This is known as "keyword spamming" and it is against our listing policies and we will not list any item that we think is misrepresented.


NB, Once the Advert has been checked and we have received payment through PayPal, we will upload your advert, which will stay on the site for a minimum of three months, unless a request is made by you to remove the advert; once we have uploaded your advert, no refunds can be made.

We charge a one-off fee of £10.00 per advert, which pays for a three month stint on the site.
We will provide you with payment details after the Advert has been examined and accepted.

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