Happy Birthday Halina!
For you, my love, I grant you the happiest of birthdays!
And for this to be a day that allows your heart to sing,
For you to spend joyous time in the pleasure that this day,
Should, nay must, from all that who love you surely bring!

For it is you, who gives so much, that should now surely be given,
All the loving affection and respect that family & friends can show.
And on this day and every day to come, for your heart I am driven,
For now I have been blessed by a gifted love too beautiful to know.

Though, if I could have just one more wish from life, it would be:

To wake up next to you, each and every day!
To feel the tickling of your breath on my neck!
To feel the sweet warmth of your lips on my cheek!
To feel the caressing touch of your fingers on my skin!
And most of all to hear your heart beating happily next to mine!

I love the way that you make me so happy,
And the ways that you show you care!
I love the way that you say, "I Love You!"
And the way that you're always there!
I love the way that you touch and caress me,
And send unbelievable chills right down my spine!
I love that you want to care for, and be with me,
And I'm so very glad that you are mine!

I now snuggle up, and hold you close, throughout much of the night,
And think of you each morning, and cannot express my waking delight,
To have this feeling to share with you, and to know it is our right!

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